Born in Dallas from Nigerian roots but both raised and living in London, Shuanise has been making music for almost all of her life, developing into one of the very few artists who really create a unique atmosphere and an own vibe within her music, sounding like nothing you have heard before. As far as musical influences go she cites Zap Mama, Fela Kuti, Dilla or Sun Ra amongst others and we are pretty sure it`s not a long time from now that Shuanise herself and her music will be called influential.

Shuanise about music:
“Music has been my biggest healer throughout my life and by doing music now it’s even more of a release for me. But it’s not all about me, it’s about lessons and becoming that better person. I think music has been that healer for everyone at some point. It gives to all of us a chance to progress. I am able to live more because of it.”

Not much to add from our end, just have a listen to who we see as one of the freshest, most soulful singers around and make up your own mind. You won`t be disappointed.


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