Dublab Proton Drive Livestream

Sat. 16/11/2013 · 8AM-12PM PST · 5PM-9PM CET

Our next livestream from Cologne via the good folks over at dublab.com in LA is happening on Saturday, Nov.16th from SUB138 in Cologne. We are excited!

Music will be provided for your and yours by a few of our favourite DJs around: the impeccable Sir James Pants (Stones Throw), author and personified music library Hans Nieswandt, TBRCK and our own Joscha Creutzfeldt who is curating the dublab sessions over here. The music you will hear is diverse and always shared with passion&love. The spectrum is wide and boundaries are there to be crossed.

SUB138 <> Dublab · 2013 Fall Proton Drive Livestream
Hans Nieswandt · TBRCK · James Pants · Joscha Creutzfeldt
Sat. 16/11/2013 · 8AM-12PM PST · 5PM-9PM CET
Livestream via dublab.com

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Dublab relies upon listener contributions to achieve their positive music mission, and our upcoming stream is part of dublab’s 2013 Fall Proton Drive Fundraiser which is happening November 4-25. Don’t be shy, support the cause and donate via dublab.com/donate.