Joscha Creutzfeldt @ Red Light Radio

If you play it, say it.

Joscha Creutzfeldt visited Red Light Radio last week and played some of his favourite records in their second to none studio located in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Check the recording above and tracklist below, and make sure to tune into Red Light Radio anytime you need your musical fix, great stuff all around.

Joscha Creutzfeldt @ Red Light Radio · Oct.23rd 2014

Suzanne Kraft – I (In Pads)
Young Marco – Trippy Isolator
Andras Fox – Rock On
Push / Pull – Zanzibar
Africaine 808 – Lagos, New York
Amadou & Mariam – Ce Nes’t Pas Bon (JD Twitch Edit)
Benga Benga – Side-A
Genius Of Time – Juno Jam
Afel Diallo – Yelé Kae Ye (Jose Marquez Mix)
Issa Bagayogo – Filaw (Soft Rocks Edit)
Witch – More Sweet Than Sweat