The Vault Files by Joscha Creutzfeldt

Radio Juicy Vol.81

I’ve always wanted to do a mix of all the unreleased beats that friends have been sending and giving me over the years, a few ones in the mix are older than a decade by now and still sound amazing. Kinda happy to get this one out of my system since this is not really the music i am playing out these days. At the same time it would have been a shame to leave those things unheard on my HD, so i’ve actually been sort of waiting for a good occasion to do this Mix. All unreleased as far as i know, a few full tracks and unofficial remixes, lots of loops and sometimes not more than a quick rough idea, still… hope you like this, i for one think that there is some amazing music in there.¬†Shouts to all my myspace people, long live the Internet.

Yayor: Moo x Ill Dubio & Soulsociedad x Flako x Dela x Hubert Daviz x TBRCK x Illiaz x Croup x Feux x Berghem x Jackhigh x 1000Names x 00Genesis x Powell x Lokid x Rez x Incise x Ki En Ra and all those i forgot.

Joscha Creutzfeldt, Dec. 2013

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